Deliciously Yours

If you want to “scintillating verbal imagery of sex to stimulate lust for your products” as a book about copywriting is trying to assist you with, take this passage from a scientific article in National Geographic for an example instead. It describes food.


Words, words, words

Delirious, delirium–new words I learn from reading Márquez’s Love in the Time of Cholera. There are also illicit (illicit love), clandestine, erogenous zones, adventurism, and orgasmic delight.

Rostov in My Memory

Rostov in my memory consists of colors white and blue. The kremlin’s wall, wall of the churches, and the cloud were all white. And blue, as were Lake Nero and old onion domes that stood against Rostov sky that day.

Japan Diary 3: Coldness

You are my sunshine–now I understand this English expression with all my heart. It’s very cold here, even at noon, and sunshine is a blessing. It comes briefly and go. But I am grateful for its every visit.

Russia, Russia (1): Come with Me

Think of me. Think of Anja. Think of us walking along the Neva river. All these while we are in Saint Petersburg–the city so pretty that they call it “Venice of the North”.

Man in Pink

“I think our works are similar.” Suddenly you just turned and said that to me, talkatively.  We were queuing. That was the first sign which showed how talkative and curious a person you would become known to me. “What’s your name?” “***   ****” “Sorry?” “***   ****. Two names” I didn’t catch your name anyhow. It…

“Epistolary Love”

Our “epistolary love”?

Bring it on and don’t PGP-encrypted it. Someday Gmail staff will find them. I hope they will get leaked so the world will know of our “epistolary love”.

Yes, condemn me, but do it poetically.

Finally, We Kissed

Our lips started to dance around each other. Everything was so soft, my lips, they were thinking out loud.