In Praise of the Night

The sky is unbelievable bright tonight. Must be because of the moon, which is big, round, illuminated. I was out on the balcony to collect a towel and the golden-black sky fell over me. There was a star near the moon, appearing like women’s earrings. And there! There’s another one! Sparkling. I first mistook it…

Unrequited Love

“You fall in love with people’s minds. I’m going to lose you to Henry,” said Hugo, ‘Henry and June’ Whenever I miss him, I  usually go back to Anais Nin. My piano has failed to cure me, on the opposite, my sad thought of him failed my piano practice session. I  was playing Michael Row the Boat…

Ten Things that Keep Me Happy

[Writing Exercise with Daily Prompt: Ten] Ten things that keep me happy these days: Hold on. Actually they’re more or less than ten, but I have to stop at number ten since ten is today’s prompt. So here goes: Ten things that keep me happy these days: Wait. Before you proceed please note that these…


The new vocab I learned today: euthanasia. This is not the first time The New Yorker’s articles made me cry. Rachel Aviv’s The Death Treatment, subtitled ‘When should people with a non-terminal illness be helped to die?’, had stirred me to tears. I ended my Saturday night in my new armchair, moved and thought of…

Someday I’ll Get Old

Today’s Prompt: Someday Someday Someday I’ll become an old lady. A happy old one, I hope. In my last years of life, I’d wake up every morning with the sound of bird songs and the first sun light brushing my nose. That, means I’d be lucky enough to have a space to grow green trees…

An Ode to December Weather

What a fine weather! What a beautiful day! Not as cold as last year. It is warm. Twenty-four or twenty-five degree Celsius in the morning. If only I could live in such a perfect climate. If only the weather is as lovely as this all year round, I’d only be happy and ask for nothing…

Translating Henry Miller’s Greece

Translators taste something twice too: First, we get to taste the beauty of the original text; Second, we experience the joyousness and get lost in it from having to rephrase that beauty into another tongue. And it’s the second that give you a greater euphoria since you’re part of that creation.

Henry Miller and His Greece

This is a love letter, two hundred pages long, that Miller wrote to a country named Greece. I hardly believe that a man who writes so coarsely about sex, or write in a way that branded him as Henry Miller, could also write such a beautiful letter to a place.

Deliciously Yours

If you want to “scintillating verbal imagery of sex to stimulate lust for your products” as a book about copywriting is trying to assist you with, take this passage from a scientific article in National Geographic for an example instead. It describes food.

Words, words, words

Delirious, delirium–new words I learn from reading Márquez’s Love in the Time of Cholera. There are also illicit (illicit love), clandestine, erogenous zones, adventurism, and orgasmic delight.