El Pasado – The Past

El amor que ya ha pasado no se debe recordar — The love which has already happened doesn’t have to be reminded. El pasado means the past. I have come across the word many times recently. The song, “Veinte años”, by Buena Vista Social Club also contains this word. Its music and lyric are sad. “Why…

Rostov in My Memory

Rostov in my memory consists of colors white and blue. The kremlin’s wall, wall of the churches, and the cloud were all white. And blue, as were Lake Nero and old onion domes that stood against Rostov sky that day.

Japan Diary 3: Coldness

You are my sunshine–now I understand this English expression with all my heart. It’s very cold here, even at noon, and sunshine is a blessing. It comes briefly and go. But I am grateful for its every visit.

Russia, Russia (1): Come with Me

Think of me. Think of Anja. Think of us walking along the Neva river. All these while we are in Saint Petersburg–the city so pretty that they call it “Venice of the North”.


If you were to hide on my balcony right now, you would hear the sound of tango music playing. I come across this wonderful blog that collects beautiful tango songs, together with lyrics and English translation. This’s what I’ve been looking for, learning Spanish from songs. Just listening to them I am unconsciously taken away from where…

To Buenos Aires, with Love (2): My room at Marcelo T. de Alvear

This is my new hotel’s room at Marcelo T. de Alvear street. It was better than the other room they put me in, which only view I had was another building’s wall and a carpet floor that looked unhygienic. Lucky me. The air-con didn’t work so I was moved into this room. “You’d better use this…

To Buenos Aires, with Love (1) : an evening at Nonna Bianca

I determine to make my pilgrimage back to South America. The continent spelled a charm on me. Never before that my scrapbook been filled up so quick. It was raining on my last night in Buenos Aires. The carnaval was cancelled. There was no street tango at 8 p.m. as supposed to. I guess that…