Unrequited Love

“You fall in love with people’s minds. I’m going to lose you to Henry,” said Hugo, ‘Henry and June’ Whenever I miss him, I  usually go back to Anais Nin. My piano has failed to cure me, on the opposite, my sad thought of him failed my piano practice session. I  was playing Michael Row the Boat…

Translating Henry Miller’s Greece

Translators taste something twice too: First, we get to taste the beauty of the original text; Second, we experience the joyousness and get lost in it from having to rephrase that beauty into another tongue. And it’s the second that give you a greater euphoria since you’re part of that creation.

Man in Pink

“I think our works are similar.” Suddenly you just turned and said that to me, talkatively.  We were queuing. That was the first sign which showed how talkative and curious a person you would become known to me. “What’s your name?” “***   ****” “Sorry?” “***   ****. Two names” I didn’t catch your name anyhow. It…

“Epistolary Love”

Our “epistolary love”?

Bring it on and don’t PGP-encrypted it. Someday Gmail staff will find them. I hope they will get leaked so the world will know of our “epistolary love”.

Yes, condemn me, but do it poetically.

Finally, We Kissed

Our lips started to dance around each other. Everything was so soft, my lips, they were thinking out loud.