In Praise of the Night

The sky is unbelievable bright tonight. Must be because of the moon, which is big, round, illuminated. I was out on the balcony to collect a towel and the golden-black sky fell over me. There was a star near the moon, appearing like women’s earrings. And there! There’s another one! Sparkling. I first mistook it for an airplane. But it didn’t move. All over the sky I could see the cloud in a variety of shapes. They are white with golden edge.

Behind me were also stars. Stars, stars, stars everywhere. At one moment it struck me that we have always lived under those stars, but don’t see them – in daytime, or even at night in big cities. We’re all blind. Damn Bangkok. I have never seen stars in ages. Those glittering dots spread on the black canvas, they amaze me every time I saw them.

I have a big balcony on the second floor of the house. It’s a perfect spot for chilling out in the evening, and for appreciating the sky at night. There’s soothing wind caressing my arms, keeping the heat away. Come here. There’s a chair for you. We can sit side by side, letting the wind fondle us while we talk about things and, at night, we could just look up at the night sky admiring the beauty of the planet earth.

Today’s Prompt: blindly


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