Let’s Marvin Gaye, Charlie

I’ve got a crush on Charlie Puth.

I like his mouth.

I’ve always like guys with big, wide mouths and full lips – it is like an invitation to a kiss. But for Charlie, oh I adore everthing about Charlie. His hair, the scar on his left eyebrow, his square jaw, the way I could see his tongue rolls when he’s singing out the word “call” in One Call Away. I kind of know what to do when I have a crush on a guy, but I have no idea what to do when having a crush on a star – a singer. Stars are out of reach while ordinary men are walking in heaps like ants on the earth. There are thousands of girls being tormented every second now just like me for their crush on Charlie.

What would I say if I were to write to him? I would be rip off my sensibility and the ability to write properly. It would just be – Oh, Charlie, I love your mouth. Your mouth. Your mouth. Your voice are deep and you sing in perfect pitch. I want you. I want you. Te amo. Te quiero. You’ve got the healing that I want.

Or maybe I could just write…

Oh dear Charlie, why don’t we just “Marvin Gaye” and “get it on”?

Today’s Prompt: heal


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