Ten Things that Keep Me Happy

[Writing Exercise with Daily Prompt: Ten]

Ten things that keep me happy these days:

Hold on. Actually they’re more or less than ten, but I have to stop at number ten since ten is today’s prompt. So here goes:

Ten things that keep me happy these days:

Wait. Before you proceed please note that these ten stuff are not organized by the degree of happiness each one makes me.

1. The New Yorker: If someone introduced me to The New Yorker like, sixteen years ago, I would have grown up knowing I want to be a restaurant reviewer for The New Yorker. Life would have a purpose back then.
2. Reading: I just love reading. That’s it. No more explanation needed.
3. Writing: I fell head over heel over someone in 2015 and it continued throughout 2016. The emotional affair prompted me to write almost every day. Daily Prompt doesn’t really work compared to my Mr. Muse.
4. Swing dance: Swing is a bit too easy, but it’s fun. Love the music, too.
5. Salsa dance: Damn difficult, but super fun, if the music is good, I mean.
6. Piano: One of the reasons that made me decided to learn the piano is that I read a scientific research somewhere that it’ll help with the creativity part of the brain — with words. In short, I thought that practicing the piano will serve as a mean to propel my copywriting career forward. Two months have passed, I haven’t seen the result yet. You just need to be patient, I guess.
7. Swimming: Went swimming again tonight! The water was freezing cold! My head went numb! Won’t swim again anytime soon if the weather is like this!
8. My partner: Love you, darling. Love watching you sleep. It’s okay that you snore and fart and drop your saliva on my pillow sometimes. Well, actually that happens most of the time. Love is blind, they say. Couldn’t agree more.
9. My job as a copywriter: Grateful that I get to work at this great company. I don’t want to make you jealous, readers. But the thing is I get free breakfast, free fruit at three p.m., flexible working hours. They even pay for my piano lessons and the salsa classes. Jealous?
10. The condo: Enough space, good locations (You can reach the BTS in 5 mins and then the BTS will take you to almost everywhere inside the city loop. What if I want to go outside of the loop? Well, I don’t!), have swimming pool (I loooove swimming. I cannot live in a condo that doesn’t have a swimming pool. Condo with no swimming pool — absurd!)

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  1. yoyoyoshioka says:

    that was a good post! happiness is uncountable but listing them down for yourself makes one self cherish happiness more 🙂


    1. Pinda Pineda says:

      Thank you. Can’t wait to read your ten things 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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