Someday I’ll Get Old

Today’s Prompt: Someday


Someday I’ll become an old lady. A happy old one, I hope. In my last years of life, I’d wake up every morning with the sound of bird songs and the first sun light brushing my nose. That, means I’d be lucky enough to have a space to grow green trees outside my house, and also lucky enough to be living in “a house”.

If my partner died before me and in the end I were left alone, I hope I would still have my piano. “The piano is your friend; it’s always there,” the pianist, Lucy Parham, used to say. I’d kill loneliness with pieces after pieces of classical music. I’d choose to play songs that have a lot of black keys — all those sharps and flats. I like their sounds.

I hope I’d still be able to write. I’d have all the time in the world — if I were lucky enough to have enough saving that’ll allow me to live comfortably and to have all the time in the world — to read and write and translate books. In the old days when you’re still young, you dream of future life with mind full of excitement and wonder. Now I’m in my late 20s, and I have already had my eyes looking forward to what life would be when I’m in my 60s, 70s, or 80s — if I were lucky enough to live that long (and if you call that lucky). I only hope my later years wouldn’t be so bad, that life wouldn’t be so cruel that it turns me into a bitter, old woman who has lost passion about everything — about life itself, about living, and only live for…nothing. A bored, bitter, old woman who only lives, because life hasn’t allow you to die just yet.

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