Japan Diary 3: Coldness

You are my sunshine–now I understand this English expression with all my heart. It’s very cold here, even at noon, and sunshine is a blessing. It comes briefly and go. But I am grateful for its every visit.

That’s what I wrote in a small notebook I carried around with me in Japan. It was in the beginning of January, beginning of the new year 2016 that we went to Kyoto and Osaka. I re-read my notebook again and find that on every page, if that entry is a diary, coldness was always mentioned.

In a café:

Six o’clock. Sitting in a warm café downtown near “0101” department store. Weather today is terrible. Freezing! At 12.00 pm we were at Katsura Imperial Villa. It was very cold there. No sunshine at all. Maybe because the villa is outside of the city as well. Being outdoor today is a torment. I was thinking since noon while waiting for the bus, amidst the chill at Kyoto station that, today we have to go back to the guesthouse early, otherwise it will be colder as it gets darker. With this kind of weather, it’s best to sit in a nice café and write diary or postcard, or read books, not to go sightseeing! Hope the weather tomorrow won’t be as bad or worse than today.

In the pavilion:

As I am writing now, my fingers are getting numb. It makes writing a bit difficult–this freezing cold!

I’m trying to bear the coldness in a pavilion near Zen temples. My boyfriend is walking to visit them (again). I’m sitting here shiveringly waiting for him, reading Kagero Nikki’s The Mother of Michitsuna–one of the story in the Anthology book I bought.

Reading and shivering in a pavilion. Is this what I come for? What an experience to think of!

At the guesthouse (on Day 2):

I’m back at our guesthouse named “Tomimatusou” (address 250 Tominatsu-cho, Kyoto Station). We are staying in the traditional Japanese style bedroom with no furniture except a small table, and two chairs that go with the table. Weather outside is very cold. My iPhone says  now it’s  7 degree Celsius. But it’s warm here in the room because we have heater or air-con (I don’t know which is which or whether it’s two-in-one). Oh, about the room, we have to make our own bed. Actually it’s a 2 mattresses with futons, with very thick, soft, and super comfy blankets. We plan to wake up around 7 am -7.30 am tomorrow so we can do more things.

Or for some entry, it’s just plain words saying:

Noon–very cold

At the end of the Japan trip, I promised myself that I wouldn’t go for a vacation anywhere if it’s very cold at the time again–ever.

Katsura Imperial Villa




In the pavilion


I am grateful for the pavilion that sheltered me. Even more grateful for a cup of hot tea somebody provided.




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