Valentine’s Night, Food Night

Today is the Valentine’s day. I’ve always thought I’m a romantic person, but after having two boyfriends, truth been told that I am not a romantic lover. DV was romantic. He paid attention to every occasions: birthday, Valentine’s day. Gee is too. He remembers the date we met, how long we have been together. He takes occasions seriously: my birthday, his birthday, our anniversary, new year’s day. “Let’s go out and eat. What do you want to eat on this special day?”. That’s him. It’s funny I sometimes think that he uses these occasions as an excuse to eat out nicely. But also I know that eating is one of the most basic way for him to mark those special dates.

After 5 years of being together, conversation over the meal is no longer important. Eating is for eating, and we do eat for eating’s sake! We are excited by the sight, smell of the food. And if it tastes good, we would explode with joy. If you were to sit at a table opposite, you’d see us, two hungry people eating like it’s the end of the world.

Tonight we went to a new restaurant–a Japanese. We ordered Japanese sukiyaki (too sweet), grilled Shimahokke fish (nice, as always), cold tofu with Rayu sauce (I usually like cold tofu but this’s not what I expected. It’s nice though, just need a bit of an open mind), scallop grilled with butter (smelling and tasting good, but I wasn’t really into that scallop much. He liked it a lot.). But the highlight of them all were the beers! Asahi with mango, that’s the first glass he ordered. I took a sip, felt that malting aroma in my mouth. After we finished the glass, we ordered more, this time was Asahi with passion fruit. I always like passion fruit, this glass was sweeter than the mango one, easier to drink for a non-alcoholic, though the mango beer was somewhat more reserved and interesting it urges more exploration.

When we were almost done, he took a break, looked at me and said kiddingly. “Anything to say on Valentine’s day this year?” For real? Of course I have something to say. I gestured him to lean across the table, put my mouth closer to his ear as not to let others hear.”This year,” I whispered, “more on the neck”.

14 Feb 2016


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