To Buenos Aires, with Love (2): My room at Marcelo T. de Alvear

buenos aires-1
My room at Marcelo T. de Alvear

This is my new hotel’s room at Marcelo T. de Alvear street. It was better than the other room they put me in, which only view I had was another building’s wall and a carpet floor that looked unhygienic. Lucky me. The air-con didn’t work so I was moved into this room. “You’d better use this place for sleeping only. In the daytime you go out.” Jam said when he saw the room, which was way cheaper than our posh previous hotel at Ave. Santa Fe. Yes, the new place was dreadful. Wifi didn’t work properly (and on my last night I totally gave it up). One could hear the sound of elevators when someone was using it. Air-con temperature cannot be adjusted so I had laid sleep shiveringly at night, though I figured it out later that there’s another towel left and should be added as another layer of blanket. The bed was bad for my back. But despite of it all, I had a great view.

buenos aires-3
Window overlooking a beautiful old building with the name I don’t know

Looked out of the window and there I found a beautiful old building. At least it made me felt like I was in Buenos Aires. My window also overlooked an apartment with big balconies. Resident’s place here have big balconies I had noticed. It’s a luxury that cannot easily be found in Bangkok. Most condos in Bangkok, including those pricey ones, come with tiny balconies that you have to choose between clothe-hanging space or a place for a table for two. It’s up to what type of person you are (or how much money you have) that’s reflected in the function of balcony space you prefer (If you are a money bag, you usually use laundry service, don’t you?). I looked out of the window and saw a woman sitting on her balcony, doing something that I couldn’t see clearly, with her dog lying on the other chair besides her. An image of a person resting and looking relaxed with her pet lying or sleeping nearby is such a peaceful sight that always makes me smile.

buenos aires-2
Do you see the black & white spot rounding on the chair?

No internet? No problema! That was written on my diary for the night of February 6th–my first night at this new hotel. So many nice people I had met, so many things to write about! I felt that all the wonderful experiences were overwhelming that I had to find a quiet place and spend some time writing them down, just to clear my head so it could be filled with great things that about to come tomorrow, even though I would love to go out with Lillian and her husband that night. So why need the internet? All I wanted were my notebook, a pen, and memories so vivid that could be painted in written words.

“Preparing to discuss Latin American novels and novelists with Eduardo tomorrow!”, that’s the last sentence of my diary on Feb 6th. Tomorrow was the day I had planned to roam around the city with Edu: Theatro Colon, San Telmo (& Plaza Dorrego, in San Telmo), and the Carnaval. Read the entry: An evening at Nonna Bianca , and you will know one part of it.


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